Achievements of the Royal Air Force and Iqbal Shaheen

Achievements of the Royal Air Force and Iqbal Shaheen


The story of Shaheen, the enemy who spread the enemy in Pak India of 1965

While Pakistan Air Force Day is celebrated on September 7, during the seventh day of the 1965, Pak-India War, not only did the Pak Air Force secure the patronage and patronage of the fallen army, but also many airports in India On the evening of September 6, 1965, at twenty-five o’clock in the evening, on the evening of September 6, 1965, Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Rafiqi, Flight Lieutenant Younas Hassan and Flight Lieutenant Cecil Chaudhry were detained at three airports in India (Halwara ‘Pathan). The convoy was tasked with destroying. As soon as the convoy reached its target, ten Hunter planes from India took off. While the attack was ground fire from anti-aircraft guns The darkness of the night had spread. Squadron Leader Sarfraz Rafiqi saw the enemy aircraft.Dil Yunus Hassan’s petrol tank could not be dropped on fellow pilots During the competition, the guns of Rafiqi’s plane were jammed Instead of leaving the competition and returning home, you continue to help your colleagues Despite these difficulties, three enemy planes were destroyed. The plane crashed and Rafique was martyred.Sarfraz Rafiqi was born on July 18, 1935 in Rajshahi (present Bangladesh). Later your family moved to Lahore First educated at St. Anthony High School in Lahore, later at St. Joseph’s Convent in Multan Government High School passed the Matriculation examination from Multan.In 1951, he passed FSC examination from DJ Sindh Science College Karachi You were born on April 3, 1951 Joined the Pak Air Force and received a commission in 1953,Your father Bashir Ahmad Rafiqi was associated with the insurance sector. Sarfraz Rafique had four brothers and a sister. You were the youngest Your elder brother Ijaz Rafiqi was also present as a pilot in the Pak Air Force.In 1951, his ship was destroyed due to a collision with a ship at the Lahore Airport and he died of jam-martyrdom. On September 1, 1965, tensions between the two countries’ forces on the Chhamb Chowdes front were on the rise.

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