Issue Kashmir: Why the UN Fails


Issue Kashmir: Why the UN Fails

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On June 3, 1947, when the time for implementation of India’s plan for partition by the Crown Kingdom came to light, the British nation continued to be humiliated and humiliated at the Radcliffe Award under the auspices of Lord Mountbatten, Viceroy. Expresses

kashmir issue and role of united nations,un failure in kashmir,kashmir news,un kashmir,un on kashmir latest,role of un to resolve kashmir issue,un resolutions on kashmir issue pdf, (2)
kashmir issue and role of united nations,un failure in kashmir,kashmir news,un kashmir,un on kashmir latest,role of un to resolve kashmir issue,un resolutions on kashmir issue

The state of Jammu and Kashmir was also involved in the partition program of India, but Maharaja Hari Singh decided to join hands with Pandit Nehru against the majority population of the state and ruled the fate of millions of Muslims against whom he sat in the Lahore Governor House. Hazrat Quaid-e-Azam orders part-time commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Army to send troops to Kashmir Unbelievably, General Gracie related his loyalty and subjection to Mountbatten, after which Qaid-e-Azam sensed the plight of the situation and asked Kashmiris and tribal youth to take over the state, resulting in the present Azad Kashmir. And in the presence of Mountbatten, Indian troops entered the state of Jammu and Kashmir and established an unlawful domination

Whenever the whole conspiracy behind this conspiracy was backed up by the global power that persecuted the Kashmiris even today in the form of an abolition of the subcontinent.

For 72 years our vein has been under the control of our enemy. And now Modi Hitler has crossed all borders of oppression unilaterally, ending the special status of unilateral UN-occupied Kashmir that the worst curfew in history. On the one hand, the occupation of Kashmir Valley is at its peak in the occupied valley of Kashmir, killing those who struggle for independence and those who demand the right self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions.The youths are being martyred by brutal violence, the rape of women is being suppressed, the leaders of the Hurriyat are imprisoned and detained. India, on the other hand, wants it to have no voice against this atrocity. No one became the voice of these oppressed Kashmiris. Pakistan is blamed for terrorism when it comes to highlighting the atrocities committed in Kashmir. Today the Kashmiri brutal people living in Kashmir are fighting the Indian Army’s dangerous weapons with only stones; men and women are dying in the name of freedom, being cut off, injured, rotting in prisons. ۔

TOPSHOT – Kashmiri protestors clash with Indian police as they took to the streets chanting pro-freedom slogans after prayers marking the festival of Eid al-Fitr, in Srinagar on July 6, 2016. Authorities placed several separatist leaders and activists under house arrest or detained them in police stations to prevent them from joining the Eid congregation. / AFP PHOTO / TAUSEEF MUSTAFA

All of this, in fact, continues to emancipate India from the illicit domination and affiliation with Pakistan. Kashmiris want to be given the right to vote, which the UN has promised, but the UN and the international community have a constant eye on the Kashmir issue. Closed. In these situations, anger and aggression are increasing among Kashmiris who are battling tanks there.

Because freedom is a blessing that gives any human being the opportunity to live a custom and any nation can live its life as a free citizen under its cultural traditions and religious freedom, and free nations in the world. Their generation goes on to become an identity. But when trying to force a nation to subdue or take away the rights of the oppressed, do they surrender their lives and endanger their rights, which is the standard of every human being?

History has testified that when someone tried to rob someone of such a liberty, what happened to him? The issue of Kashmir has been conveyed to the UN several times and every time in UN resolutions, Kashmir has been declared a contentious area and India is called upon to resolve it. But what are the reasons that the UN is also unable to implement its contracts? Millions of Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives for the sake of self-determination. Pakistan is committed to resolving the issue even after 72 years of atrocities on Indian army Kashmiris,But India has never been serious about resolving the issue. India did not value Pak-India dialogue every time, and has persisted in resolving the Kashmir issue with its fanaticism and various allegations and threats. While more than half a million Indian soldiers are trying to suppress Kashmiris with brutal acts, Indian media is following negative propaganda.

Does the global issue, the UN, the UN or all the institutions of the Timah exist on the international scene with a question mark “Kashmir”. And now the leaders of Kashmir’s independence find themselves forced to call it a human rights graveyard.

Where is this title for Paradise Nazir Kashmir and where it is considered to be a human rights graveyard for Kashmir?

The question is why the Kashmir-UN failed to this day. Indiscriminate occupation of Kashmir is a naked invasion of India which, on the one hand, openly violates international human rights law, on the other hand as a powerful occupation of the four Geneva Conventions and their Common Article No. 3. Has violated.

The irony of persecution of India is going beyond the comprehension of the whole world that it is calling the freedom movement terrorism. Who and how can a terrorist be called or believed? Kashmiris have been suffering for years, their property destroyed, self-esteem, sanctuaries insecure, thousands of missing and anonymous mass graves increasing day by day.

It is an indispensable responsibility of the world powers to stop India from invading Kashmir without persecution. This is the need and truth of the domestic and foreign scenarios. If not done, the peace and stability of not only South Asia but the whole world could be in jeopardy. Is. The UN should exercise its influence on Kashmir without appointing India and appoint a special representative. If there can be special representatives for other regions then why not for Kashmir?

India should, in the end, negotiate with the Pakistani government and the Kashmiri leadership to pave the way for Kashmiris’ right to self-determination in accordance with the Security Council’s resolutions. If Pakistan-India tension ends in the region, then peace and prosperity will come in the region and the poorest two billion people in the sub-continent will be saved from the dangers and poverty of war.

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